The last couple days have been beach days, lazy days, and any other “days” that don’t require much effort.

We drank coffee at our favorite spot, Como en Mi Casa.

2013-09-18 11.12.34

Biked an hour down the coast to the small, quiet town of Manzanillo.


2013-09-18 11.51.04


2013-09-18 11.52.27

And met small lizards along the way.


2013-09-18 12.39.45

We spent time reading on the deserted beach in Manzanillo..


2013-09-18 13.18.40



Only to ride back down the road to Punta Uva.


2013-09-18 14.21.35

2013-09-18 14.23.53

The living is easy & the living is simple. There’s a few things we could live without:

biting critters
expensive sunblock
non-drinkable tap water [i.e. lots & lots of plastic water bottles]
the occasional sunburn

But there’s a few things we’re enjoying living with:

eating farmers’ market fresh food daily
swimming in the ocean on the reg
working toilets [honestly, this is a great luxury]
biking past howler monkeys & sloths in the trees
hammock napping
endless sunny days & occasional rainy evenings
yoga mornings overlooking the ocean
waving to familiar faces as we walk through town
the best chocolate & coffee, of course

You learn to live with minimal possessions & few luxuries. And, really, its not that bad– its actually enjoyable. Our showers are short because the water only comes from a rainwater catchment, but its enough to cool us down and wash the sand off our feet. Our books are finished within days here, not weeks like back home. We have time to talk, time to enjoy eachother’s company & time to savor the small moments of realization that we’re living in a paradise of sorts. We spend time talking to people we meet, relishing in our conversations and connecting with them in a way that was almost impossible before because we simply were always busy, always something on our minds. We move with the breeze that comes off of the waves, our hearts beating with the children’s drumming at the escuela across the street.

I’m already thinking of how difficult it will be to get back to the States. To the busy concrete. To all of our possessions stacked up in the basement or stuffed in the closet. To the full schedule awaiting us already. But we have plenty of time. And we have many friendly faces to see when we get back to familiar land. I hope we carry this peace with us & thrive to make time for quiet dinners & meaningful conversations over wine.

I’m enjoying being here so much. And its only been 10 days! I can’t wait for the other 52 to unfurl & show us even more natural beauty, calm living & moments of reflection that truly allow us to live these days fully.

Sep 20 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

  1. Now you are really RELAXING! That’s great! Love

    09-22-2013, 2:53 pm Reply

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