Life on the Farm

Here on the farm, we’ve been [to say the least] very spoiled. We get to hang out with some cool people, see monkeys and weird insects and colorful frogs, and eat really, really good food. We spent the day at this beautiful beach yesterday– got some sun & swam a bit, despite the choppy waves coming in. The ocean really is healing & rejuvenating and being able to spend almost every day there has been such a blessing.

We spent most of today reading & doing work, even though we had planned to walk into town, because it rained most of the morning. I mean poured. And it was fabulous! A nice treat from the hot heat & dryness we had yesterday.

Since there’s not much to detail from the last couple days, I’ll leave you with some pictures– Enjoy!



Sep 25 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

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