Slowing Down & Thoughts on Leaving

I love looking back at the formation of ideas—how that first thought was built and turned and tossed, and eventually became reality. Like our journey in Costa Rica. Six months or so ago we were tired of the winter– we would watch travel shows about the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Panama, and wish we were there. I hate being cold and Jason craved that adventure, so the thought of traveling became a what if. The what if eventually became the question of where to?. First thought, Costa Rica. Then came Spain, Bali, Thailand, South America?? Then it was time—how could we take off time from work? Or how can we work while still traveling and enjoying it?

When all the logistics came into play—travel fees, cost of living, dates of travel, time off work—Costa Rica became our answer to a leisurely, affordable, little- to no-work expedition. It came together like it was, simply, meant to be.

Since we wanted to be a part of Jason’s business on a daily basis, we chose to move to Washington DC and thought, what better timing than between leaving our wonderful city of Denver and settling in DC to take our time and have a sort of endless summer. Especially since our apartment lease was coming to a close at the end of August.

We put so much energy into making sure everything was organized. We lucked out on inexpensive flights there and back, bought new packs, and made a plan to, well, not plan much of anything. We started to tell friends and family and waited to see which one of them would tell us we’re crazy. Much to our delight, we only got positive reviews and praise for taking advantage of our youth.

Now, I’m sitting in an empty house, thinking about the last two years in Denver and how I’m going to miss this place so damn much. I’m looking at our tiny laundry room packed with the only possessions we’re driving across the country and wondering why we had lived with so many more things before downsizing to this. And also pondering how we became so lucky.

Despite the difficulty leaving family and friends, especially since my parents, ironically, just moved out to CO, we’re so excited for the next couple of months in Costa Rica and the next year in DC. We hope you’ll enjoy being a part of our adventures as much as we will while you read Cacao y Cafe!!

Check back soon to see how our journey unfolds on our trek across the US. 🙂

Aug 27 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

  1. What a journey you two are on! I wish you lots of fun and happiness as you explore Costa Rica and your journey living in DC. Miss you both. Mom (Cyndie)

    09-13-2013, 1:21 am Reply
  2. No difficulty-just dreams coming true….aaahhhhhh

    09-15-2013, 5:18 am Reply

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