Back to Basics in Bocas

Tons of migrating butterflies. Kayaking all morning. Dolphins swimming just beyond the pier. Finding new books & reading all day. Taking a shower outside, above the ocean with starfish just below. Sounds like paradise, right?

Well, it is.

I’m not trying to brag. [Really, I’m not!] More like– holy s***, how awesome is this? I didn’t think our trip could really get much better than it has been. We’ve been so fortunate to not have any hiccups during our travels. And not only that, but we’ve also met tons of interesting people and have had better-than-expected accommodation. For example: Dorien, one of our hosts and permanent residents here on the property, is making coconut oil with Tony & Collette, the British couple who’re staying here for a bit. They’re cutting whole coconuts from the tree, taking the meat out, and from there creating virgin coconut oil, with minimal processing– so cool.

We’re also beginning to make a lot of things on our own instead of buying them at the store– like the bread we made yesterday, for example. And this evening Jason & I made homemade corn tortillas for our dinner of  quesadillas, spiced black beans, and cabbage salad. We’re also going to try our hand at toothpaste tomorrow because I forgot to write it on our shopping list [oops]– with the closest market an expensive 1/2 hr boat ride away, being prepared is important!

If we take away anything from the last couple weeks of living in more remote locations like our rainforest cabina last week or our room over the ocean this week, I think its safe to say that it really brings you closer to nature. You start to shy away from processed foods and chemical-laden products and are, in turn, more drawn to the foods or products that are downright good for you. Amazing, isn’t it?

I can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow! But in the meantime, here are a couple photos highlighting our accommodation here on Isla San Cristobal..

Inside of our cabin-- basically insulated with a tent to keep bugs out.

Inside of our cabin– basically insulated with a tent to keep bugs out.

2013-10-01 06.22.25 (300x400)

Our room’s above the pier where the common area is located

2013-10-01 06.23.07 (400x300)


2013-10-01 16.37.31 (400x300)

Not a bad spot to catch up on my book!

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  1. This is so beautiful! I just want to say you two better not get to used to this life as you do need to return back to the states at some time! Though you better take in every minute when you are there!
    Thanks for posting a great blog Emily! And the pics are fun to see.

    Love you and Miss you two very much.


    10-02-2013, 7:34 pm Reply

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