Rainy Days

We woke up this morning to rain. With rain after than and a chance of rain later! I must say, though, that after spending days at the beach and in the sun, a good rain shower is exactly what’s needed.

We’ve been able to really enjoy the outdoors here, though, the last couple of days. We went on a couple hikes– one failed attempt and one almost successful. We saw baby turtles being released out into the water. Turtles are one of my most favorite animals– certainly my most favorite sea animal– so to see that was so incredible! We spent our afternoon yesterday body boarding in the humungous waves down at the beach near our place, and came back with only a few bumps and bruises.

2013-10-13 09.46.01

2013-10-13 09.50.20

Baby sea turtles heading home!

Baby sea turtles heading home!

Jason learned the art of knocking a coconut out of a tree and cutting it open with a machete. We’ve played ping pong on the concrete table in the middle of the property and we’ve read too– all kinds of books at all times of the day. And cooked. We’ve made pupusas, granola bars, patacones [plantain chips], and have been enjoying every moment. Today would be the perfect day for chocolate chip cookies, with all this rain, but unfortunately Costa Rican grocery stores don’t believe in carrying chocolate chips [what kind of place is this?!].

Knocking down a coconut with a bamboo pole.

Knocking down a coconut with a bamboo pole.

2013-10-13 11.29.53

All in all, I’d say that this is what vacation is all about– rain or shine.

Oct 15 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

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  1. Oh Emily, did Jason share with you I too love turtles…? Now I understand your 2 request for chocolate chips. I just laughed and laughed when I heard that was what he wanted me to bring.. But now it makes sense…

    I hope we will be able to see turtles and dolphins when I am with you two.

    Next week I will be there with those chocolate chips!!!!

    Love you

    10-16-2013, 8:13 pm Reply

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