Let The Sun Shine Through

We’ve had 3 straight days of rain, with it finally letting up yesterday afternoon so we could enjoy some sunshine! It was a welcome change– both the rain and the sunshine following. The air is certainly cooler and the creatures seem to be out now more so than we’ve seen in the last week here in Montezuma. We’ve had tons of mosquitoes and bugs crawling around our place like they own it. Jason had a bird jump from the porch railing at a cafe onto his head and then off to a tree. At the same cafe, The Bakery Cafe where we’ve been spending most mornings, we saw a monkey sit in the tree about 5 feet from Jason, then proceed to jump into the service window and steal a napkin off a plate before looking around and scampering off. Later in the day we then had a monkey come right up to our door while sitting on a branch. I was standing right there and he just kept getting closer and closer until he was less than 5 feet from me, which gave me the heebie jeebies and I shut the door– but not before getting a picture! Not to mention, a monkey also got into our compost pile last night! Mischievous monos.

2013-10-17 14.07.57

The rain’s also brought in other things, like trash and driftwood from the ocean. Its partly disgusting and partly just plain sad. There are thousands upon thousands of soda bottles along the beach as you walk the length of it. There are baby toys and lone shoes, tractor tires and plastic bags. Seeing that makes me never want to ever use plastic again. It also makes me only ever want to use biodegradable products at home– even more than we already do– because all of this trash and all of the waste that washes, or is dumped out, into the ocean is from man. There’s no mistaking that we’re messing up. I wish everyone could see this so they could understand that we are, in fact, the ones taking away life in the ocean– damaging the reef, changing the water temperature, creating a toxic world. Its much too beautiful a place to be anything but kind to this amazing body of water!

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Besides this, though, we’ve been so happy in Montezuma– we’ve gone through more books than expected [thanks to the rain] and have really just enjoyed the atmosphere of this quaint surfing town. We’re preparing to head to Monteverde early tomorrow morning for a few days of hiking in the mountains, which entails two buses, a ferry, and then another two buses. The bus rides really aren’t too bad, considering they’re all similar to coach buses– even just the ones that go from town to neighboring town. This at least makes it tolerable, and because this is the slow part of the year there aren’t many people who have been traveling lately. It will most likely be an all morning to early afternoon journey so we’ll be sure to pack a good book.. and snacks, of course.

Today we’ll be enjoying the last bit of beach before heading to the mountains. Body boarding. Sun worshiping. Reading until its time for siesta. ..I think I’m pretty good at this life by now.

Waiting for the sunrise this morning.

Waiting for the sunrise this morning.

Oct 18 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

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  1. Boy your right about plastic. I wish the USA would realize what this is doing to our environment. I will bring a water bottle with me for the trip. You two look so cute and relaxed!!! Please enjoy your next journey and take lots of pics.

    10-18-2013, 6:04 pm Reply

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