Family & Memories of WI

We did so much yesterday and today, so instead of providing you with a detailed snooze fest I’ll lay out the highlights [which is still alot!]..

After sleeping in yesterday morning, Jason and I headed down to the farmers’ market a few blocks from Abbey’s place. We snatched up some blueberries and a small pack of local, free-range jerky because it was super tasty and convenient for the road.

We met Abbey at a cute place called Milk & Honey for breakfast and shared a huevos rancheros dish served like a casserole and a traditional lox & bagel plate. Abbey’s been my very best friend since we were about 4 years old when she moved in two doors down from the house I grew up in. It was the first time Abbey met Jason so it was great for me to see them together, even for only a few hours.

The rain hadn’t let up so we tossed aside our idea for walking around & shopping, and Abbey headed home to get ready for work. Jason and I set up the GPS, filled up with gas outside of the city, and grabbed some chocolate bars for my 94 year old Grandpa, my mom’s dad, whom we affectionately call “Grumpa”.

My Grumpa is the cutest man you’d ever meet—despite being in a wheelchair for at least the last year and a half from a couple bad falls, he still scoots around at the Veterans’ Home where he lives, flirts with the nurses, and patrols the halls of the home. Its hard to see someone you love so much grow old, but I love seeing him and hearing all the stories he tells over and over. He absolutely loves chocolate so he lit up when he saw we came bearing gifts of Hershey’s chocolate bars and Snickers.


Along the way to my Grandma’s house from visiting with Grumpa, we stopped in Cedarburg– one of my favorite towns for antique shopping, café hopping, and taking slow strolls. Its very picturesque with the Milwaukee River flowing through and the charm of a small Midwestern town. We grabbed our afternoon caffeine at a local coffee roaster, then I showed Jason where I used to get a lunch of cream of broccoli soup and warm cherry cider at The Cream & Crepe Café with my mom and her best friend. There’s a candy store next to the café where my mom would allow me to fill a small paper bag with the bulk candy, specifically candy dots on the long pieces of paper—remember those? It was so much fun to relive those moments with the same smells and feel of the place from when I was so young.

We were back on the road after our pit stop and off to my Grandma’s, which was just a short 15 minutes or so away. Arriving just in time for dinner, we sat down soon after for a home cooked meal and visited with my aunt and Grandma for a good 6 hours before falling fast asleep. We were able to sneak in a run around the small lake nearby the next morning and make it back in time for breakfast. My aunt then took us around to show Jason the local area and stop in at a place called Sausage Plus—Jason’s heaven.


We picked up brats for the bbq lunch later, dilly beans, and fresh cheese curds so Jason could get a taste of my childhood in WI J My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for a BBQ lunch, which was great. Post-lunch we took some family photos, said our goodbyes, and made our way to Abbey’s parents’, the Schmitt’s, which is just two doors down from the house I grew up in. Her parents were out of town until late in the evening so we hung out on the back patio, drank some wine and Spotted Cow, and had an extremely peaceful evening.

I absolutely love, love, love Abbey’s family—they are the closest thing to family for me besides my own. When they came home we were able to visit for a while, which was great. Its very fun to have many family members and close friends meet Jason because he’s, obviously, such a big part of my life. Feeling so fortunate.

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