Sunsets & Sailing

I cannot believe its already Tuesday! That means Jason & I will hop on a flight to DC in just one week!!! Which is just crazy. Over the course of the last few days we’ve laid out by the beautiful pool we’re fortunate to have right off of our porch. We’ve caught enough rays to [hopefully] last us through the winter and cooked some awesome meals. We laid out on the beach, avoiding eye contact with all the vendors walking around– except for the guy selling pipas frias [cold coconut water right out of the shell]. We certainly enjoyed every drop of that coconut water– for $2 a coconut [which he knocks off a tree for free, mind you] he knows the market is in gringo-heavy towns like Tamarindo since back in the States and Canada we pay $5 a bottle for that stuff.

On Sunday we were lucky enough to hop aboard a catamaran for a sunset ride off the coast of Playa Flamingo, just north of here. The boat was captained by Luis, a Costa Rican, & Ryan, who’s from Florida. We took off around 1PM with only two other passengers, leaving basically the entire 30 or so foot boat to share with a total of 7 people! Felt like royal treatment. We sailed around for about an hour or two before anchoring in a cove, just behind a small islet off the coast.

2013-11-03 16.33.04

The two other girls, Kate & Kate– both nurses from North Carolina, and Jason & I put on some simple snorkeling gear and jumped in with Luis for a swim around the cove to see what we could find. Despite the water being a little cloudy and filled with the tiniest jellyfish I’ve ever seen, Luis was able to spot some pretty great finds for us. With his bare hands he caught a porcupine fish & a puffer fish [which we got to touch], and also spotted an octopus that was hiding in the reef. There were fish of all kinds, schools of the most colorful fish that we just swam right through. I absolutely love snorkeling, so besides a few small stings from the tiny jellyfish, it was a very cool experience.

Following snorkeling, we had a nice lunch set up by Ryan, and some post-water drinks. Did I mention there was an open bar? :] We all watched the sunset out on the water before heading in for the evening, and it was so beautiful that there are no proper words to describe it. The pictures we got are pretty great, but even those are sub-par to the real thing.

The rest of the week I’m predicting a few serious pool sessions, active mornings [beach runs, yoga classes], cooking, and definitely reading. I cannot believe how fast these last 7 1/2 weeks have completely flown by, but also how awesome each day has been filled with new & interesting people, amazing activities, and [mostly] gorgeous weather. Can’t wait to enjoy these last 7 days with Jason!

Nov 5 2013 Emily Spaeth Category: Musings

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